DJ Craig Hampson

 DJ Craig Hampson started DJing at the end of the 1980s when the first building blocks of house music were being formed and has seen at first hand how it has evolved and segmented.“The first parties I ever went to were at a legendary club in England called The Eclipse. In those days there was little or no definition between different styles of dance music. DJs like Sasha, Carl Cox and Grooverider, all now pioneers of their own styles of dance music, would play together on the same stage and although they definitely had their own unique sound they were playing more or less the same records. DJ Craig Hampson played for the Eviction Sound System in the early 90’s (an offshoot of the Exodus Sound System who put on large free open-air events and warehouse parties all over North London) and co-organized the regular club nights in the Underground club in Luton, nr. North London in 1995. After he arrived in the Czech Republic in 1996 DJ Craig Hampson has been a regular feature on the Czech House scene and has held residencies in clubs in Olomouc (Depo 8) and in Brno (Mescalito), and after moving to Prague in 1998 DJ Craig Hampson has been resident in many clubs including Radost FX (twice voted one of the best clubs in the world by UK Ministry magazine), Palac Akropolis (Bikini Jazz), and Chateau Rouge (Joy Jelly).


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